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Dynamic Sites Web Solutions

Today's mobile devices can do amazing things that were never considered, or even possible using traditional PCs and until recently most websites where designed for this desktop environment.

While no one will argue that this is still an important medium, statistics show that the usage of mobile devices to access the internet has overtaken desktop computers. There are now more effective, convenient ways to engage new customers and maintain old ones.

Beyond this many developers have created mobile applications. These can offer great features but are not without there drawbacks. To design a mobile platform specific application has you constantly chasing updates and leaves you customer to download and install applications often when all they want is to create a simple request.

Dynamic Sites software designed specifically for the small screen of mobile devices, tablets and desktop PC's alike. The software leverages the touch functions that gracefully degrade for non-touch platforms. The overall custom experience is greatly enhanced using a Dynamic Sites premium web application solutions.

This Mobile web applications are designed for all mobile devices, tablets and PC's that support an internet browser.

Flagship Products:

  • Dynamic Sites Mobile Web Solution for the accommodation industry
  • Stay Direct New Zealand's most feature rich accommodation directory
  • Dynamic Sites Desktop Solution for the accommodation industry

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