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Solutions for the Accommodation Industry

Dynamic Sites Mobile Web Solution

Dynamicsites have developed a subscription based mobile website platform to deliver functional and elegant Mobile Web Solutions for motels, hotels, resorts, B&B’s, hostels and many more accommodation related facilities. Now you can showcase your brand the right way with an elegant mobile web design that just snaps into you current website.

In doing this has given your customers an easy way to find, evaluate and communicate with you right from their mobile phone.


Mobile specific user interface that leverage's the "smart" in your "smart phone"

Dynamic Sites Desktop Solution

Bundled with the Dynamic Sites Mobile Web Solution for the accommodation industry creates the complete web presence for you accommodation operation.

Stay Direct

Stay Direct New Zealand’s most feature rich accommodation directory. Stay direct is a subscription based accommodation Omni-Channel

What is an Omni-Channel? An omni-channel is something your business partners have been doing for some time. Online Travel Agent “OTA’s” use omni-channel marketing all the time. They have customers; “some might say your customers” and why is this?

They have created a tool; a comfort zone for your customers. Omni-channel is about true continuity of your customer’s experience. The key is that it extends beyond a single brand. It provides all options in a single portal that is understood and is convenient. Your business partners the OTA’s recognise this and provide a portal of comfort. Something “your customers” get used to, a common platform something “your customers” know how to navigate.

To be represented in the best way to meet this new way of thinking; is to locate yourself on a common platform; not only in looks, but in behaviour. To take into consideration the power of new smart devices while still providing to the traditional desktop browser; and you want to be able to do this without becoming a slave to your PC with multiple platforms to update.

The brands who can best interpret omni-channel data and understand all customers are the winners. There will be a new dimension of customer decision. As a final decision is being made to purchase, price, relationship, service and continuity will all be considered. If you’re thinking that matching the colours and content across devices is omni-channel, we would encourage you to reconsider. If you are ready to lead in the next phase of social business and get the most out of the promise that our new identity as customers is truly omniscient, then let’s connect.

The benefits

Simple upfront subscription based solution no development costs, no commissions just an annual flat rate. When you advertise you and your business you reap the benefits and you don't get stung with a commission for you effort. Just a simple yearly fee that is predictable and manageable.

Dynamic sites mobile web application puts you back in direct contact with your customers and provides the tools for your customers to be in direct contact with you. The elegant and professional front end puts you in the perfect place for you mobile marketing strategy to maintain and capture your optimum market.