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Why Mobile?

I'm glad you asked....

when was the last time you tried to use your website on a mobile?

It is one thing to be able to see your site on a mobile, you have done well to get that far. But have you tried to use it? The functions and features of a mobile solution are often very different from what is required in a desktop site. Consider your desktop a place where dreams begin, where you start planning, you research, you review and ultimately do a little tyre kicking. But when you use your mobile you are usually looking for a solution right now!

Supported By The Numbers

Statistics show that mobile customers are generally ready to shop immediately. Do they need to read the history of your business or to navigate around informational pages? What is required, are call to action pages short and concise leveraging everything their mobile device can do for them and ultimately you. Take that alongside the dominance of the mobile device in the internet space and you have a very powerful reason to be considering your mobile web strategy.